Apex Forensic Engineers - Expert Forensic Engineer In Columbia SC

Forensic Engineer Columbia SC

Apex Forensics can be a forensic engineering company positioned in Columbia, SC. The company was founded by Forensic Engineer M. Jeremy Ray, P.E. and he may be the principal engineer of Apex Forensics. Since the principal engineer, he provides forensic engineering investigation reports on property damage investigations. Another specialitzation for this forensic engineer in Columbia, SC, may be the capability to supply a detailed directory subrogation assistance investigations along with code compliance investigations. Engineer Ray commits to same day verbal report for assignments which are as difficult as construction defect investigations. Apart from engineering investigations, Engineer Ray also can offer his services as a possible expert witness. Furthermore, this highly accomplished forensic engineer may also give a detailed directory rv foundation inspections.

With regard to property damage and subrogation assistance investigations, Apex Forensics can guarantee the delivery of your written report within 48 hours after assessment with the problem may be completed. The delivery time is guaranteed set up case demands the investigation of complex assignments such as foundation failures, geotechnical failures, hail damage, storm damage, wind damage, or flood damage.

Engineer Ray is really a well-known forensic engineer within Columbia, SC. He's an expert with regards to the investigation of construction defects. Many would vouch for the professionalism of Engineer Ray specially when you are looking at your analysis of losses linked to residential, commercial, industrial, and historic structures. He may also conduct assessment of injury that resulted from weather events for example high winds, tornadoes, and extreme ice buildup.

Engineer Ray guarantees punctual delivery of inspection reports according to the inspection of underground utilities, load bearing masonry walls, wood framing, steel framing, elevated concrete slabs and miscellaneous proprietary systems. Engineer Ray also guarantees the timely delivery of investigation reports whether or not the case requires the assessment of moisture intrusion, fire damage, termite damage, residential tree impact or residential car impact.

Engineer Ray was hired to analyze the incident known as Crooked Creek Park Collapse wherein he was tasked to determine the cause of the partial collapse of the drop ceiling in a company in Chapin, SC. He seemed to be the key engineer tasked to investigate a celebration called the Lower Pine Lake Emergency Spillway Collapse and was responsible for determining the reason for the failure with the spillway structure. He's no stranger with regards to construction defects in residential homes. In a instance, he was responsible for providing structural evaluation after local building officials were worried about the adequacy with the roof and floor framing with the said single story house.

Forensic Engineer Columbia SC

Since 2005, Engineer Ray, P.E., has performed at least 700 forensic engineering investigations on several types of structures from water towers to football stadiums. However, the majority of his work continues to be focused mainly on commercial and residential building systems failures. Engineer Ray includes a license to train in multiple states. Engineer Ray is a member of several professional organizations. He's registered being a professional engineer in Sc and the registration ID is: 28252.

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